How to Uninstall Add-ons in Kodi Krypton (17.1/17)

how to uninstall add-ons in Kodi Krypton. These simple steps allows you to remove unwanted addon their Kodi system.

Addon uninstall in Kodi-featured

There are several reasons for the add-on that it must be eliminated Code. The add-on suddenly stop working, accident, or stop the developer to upgrade and service.

In my case, when first using Kodi, I have installed many supplements to test their service and curiosity about the contents of the film. And I found that many of the supplements did not work and still unable to transmit anything.

It is wise to remove unnecessary addon Kodi. Rarely used addon could also be annoying when it continues to update all the time. The waste of bandwidth, make your Kodi get slower in the initial startup, and even give a negative impact to performance Kodi.

Uninstall the add-on in Kodi krypton is easy to do with simple steps, in fact, it takes less than 5 seconds.

How to Uninstall Add-ons in Kodi Krypton (17.1/17)

Follow the steps below to remove add in Code 17.1

  1. Home Kodi
  2. At Homepage scroll to accessories, click on in the supplement to delete (press and hold if you are using a smartphone)

    Addon uninstall in Kodi-Select addon

    Select Add-ons

  3. Select information

    Addon uninstall in Kodi-Select info

    Click on the menu

  4. by last, click on uninstall button at the bottom

    Addon uninstall in Kodi-uninstall


  5. Select YES for the message, and that's it. Easy is not it?

Which it is the easiest way to uninstall addon in Kodi krypton. I hope this helps

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