[Fix] Icdrama KODI addon installation does not work

If you for the best KODI add – Search on for watching drama, then you have landed on the right page. There are numerous add – Ons available for watching drama on KODI. But I suggest , always the Icdrama KODI addon , has the only large demand for its fantastic properties. In this article I will provide detailed information about the Icdrama AddOn, its functions, advantages, disadvantage, and many more. Also, You can see the clear idea about "get How to install man icdrama on KODI?

Icdrama KODI addon Review

The Icdrama add-on is used, the HD-quality movies, watch videos and TV shows in KODI TV boxes. Users can install this add-on and get benefit from this. Several exciting features, to keep the Icdrama addon in the top position for a long time.

addon prominent features of Icdrama KODI

  • It has the clear menu and user friendly interface.
  • You can view all dramas and movies in high quality.
  • This add-on has a wide selection of Asian films and drama.
  • You can install this add-on very quickly.
  • Also, you will feel so happy, use during this KODI addon.

Icdrama Kodi does not work problems & fix

As you see with icdrama kodi drama on TV tend addon you could some problems over . So here we will list below some of the "icdrama KODI not working" problems , we see from the users.
i) If you are facing any problem with the installation of icdrama, then doing the follow exactly under the guidance.
ii) If you find , Loosen failed URL Problem , then it may be a problem with the developer. To fix this , that the waiting time, until the update of developers icdrama.
iii) How icdrama a video addon is KODI, You have to make sure , that your ISP the best possible Internet – Speed ​​makes available.

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How the addon on KODI Krypton Icdrama 17.3 to install?

1. Tap the Settings icon from the kodi Homepage.

2. Click File Manager, the source file add.

3. Double click on the Add Source option.

4. In the pop-up window select <No> Enter the repo URL.

5. Enter this URL in the input field: https://Click OK and cthlo.github.io/cthlo-kodi-repo.

6. The media source name will be taken as "CTHO-kodi repo". If you want, You can edit this name for the future.

7. Now get back to the home screen by kodi, by ESC / Backspace key click.

8. Now select Add-ons and click on the icon below.

9. Then select " Zip – install file

10. Well, "searches the folder cthlo-code-Repo

11. Then select the folder zips.

12. Now select the third folder "repository.cthlo-kodi repo"

13. Then select repository.cthlo-kodi-repo-1.0.0.zip.

14. Wait to be installed on the ZIP file. Then select "install from the repository"

15. Next, scan the folder cthlo-kodi-repo

NOTE: If you make mistakes at this step then off kodi and reopen. Then again from the lower stage.

16. Now video add-ons click ICDRAMA kodi addon for installation.

17. Click Maintain Icdrama and, Download it up.

18. once downloaded , click on , to install it.
19. It will take a few seconds , be installed to. Then go to the Add – Ons and select Icdrama kodi addon.

20. Here you go! Just get through the list of possible, to enjoy the movies and TV shows with Icdrama.

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hope , Now you would be clear , about " How icdrama KODI add – install on ?“ Still , if you got clarification they drop to comment. We will come back to you.

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