Knew how: Sharing folders via SMB Windows 7

As documented elsewhere, XBMC scrapers and library work best when they have full access to Video- and audio files will be made available via an SMB share. However, it makes MS more difficult, SMB in Windows provide. You must disable HomeGroup and do all kinds of other dirty things. The following is a guide, SMB share on Windows 7 fast and easy to make.



In a first step, you should be connected to your network. Personally, I am connected via a LAN cable and supplied an IP address from my router using DHCP. If you want to use static IP address, should not a real problem. If you can see on the Internet, it should be enough, connected to the router for our purposes. Also, when you connect your Windows 7 computer first to your network, be asked, whether you're at home, connect in the office or a public network. This guide assumes, that you selected home. The same steps should work, if you selected work. You will almost certainly not work, if you selected public. Also, sometimes you need to be secure, if you want to do something, or you will be asked, one step higher in the terminal, to do something to go. This guide assumes, that you agree with all the.

The process Sharing Folders on Windows

Step one: Click on the icon “Network Internet access” at the bottom right of the screen next to your watch, Speaker icon and power symbol. Click Open “network- and Sharing Center.”

step 2: locate and click “Choose homegroup and sharing options.” ” You go to the window “Change HomeGroup settings”. Click on in this window “Leave the homegroup…” A warning is displayed. Go ahead and click “Leave the homegroup.”

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step 3: You now get a page with the name “Share with other home computers running Windows 7”. From here, click on “Change advanced sharing settings…”

step four: You are now in “Change sharing options for different network profiles”. This is, where do you want the nitty gritty do. Ich bin gonna go Option Option. Most of you are probably already configured correctly, but I will tell you, as, still need to be configured.

Network Discovery: Turn on network discovery

file- and Printer Sharing: switch

Public folder sharing: Your choice. It can be a- are on or off.

Media Streaming: This is off by default. You can activate it, if you want to, but it does not, why we are here, so I'll leave it for now.

Password protected sharing: Turn on password protected sharing

Homegroup connections: that actually does not matter, since you already made a homegroup. However, I let Windows manage my homegroup connections. It seemed easier than arguing.

step five: Click Save Changes. Now close the window, that says “Share with other home computers running Windows. 7”

step six: Navigate to a folder, you want to share. I'm D:\navigate Movies. First click left on D:\Movies (or whatever your folders named) to ensure, that it is highlighted. Then right-click on the folder. Place the cursor over “Share with” and four options should pop up “Nobody homegroup (read), HomeGroup (Read Write), certain persons.” click on “Certain persons…”
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step seven: You should now in a dialogue, is authorized “to share with select people.” Your goal is, share the folder “Everyone.” dialog box “should have a list of people. This list could include “Administrator” Your username “guest” and “Everyone.” He may contain only a subset of this group. If “everyone” is listed, just anyone, click on “Sharing”. Voila, finished. If you decide, if you keep all as a reader, or change a reader / writer (or the other way around), read step 8.

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If everyone is not listed, click the down arrow next to the button “add”. “Everyone” should be on the list there. Click it and then click Add. If “Everyone” not listed in the drop-down list, You may be able to enter “Everyone” in, and click Add. Feel free to comment, if this is a problem and / or it does not work.

step eight: If “Everyone” was added to the list, you have two options. You can set, that “Everyone” to keep, as a reader only, in which case XBMC able, the files would be read, but could not everything in the folder, which does ______________ mean, it could not export correct filename or nfos and TBN in the folder, If you, that want. Or you can change all read / write access, with the drop-down arrow on “everyone” line. Then XBMC can export, but you have to deal, the danger, that all users could change the files on the network.

After you have made your decision, click on “divide”.

step nine: repeat steps 7 and 8 for all folders, you want to share.


Now you can add your source in XBMC problems, but the instructions for XBMC sources and scraping is the wiki and need not be repeated here.

later addition

Uninstall Windows Live Sign In Assistant and Windows Live Essentials seems to be a useful thing to do.