How To Fix Kodi Buffering: Movies play more fluid without Lag

Here are several tips to deal Kodi buffering. You can do the following tips to avoid lag while watching movies streaming using Kodi



One thing you do (included me) enraged while streaming movies online is Buffering. This is a common problem for each activity and is not limited to YouTube, but it also happens when Kodi is used.

QuickPreview on Buffering Video

What is buffering video exactly? in a simple definition, Buffering, is an activity involving preloading the memory data called 'buffer'. Before showing the video on your screen, Kodi ensures that the data for the next frame of video is completed.

You may think that this action gives a negative impact, while you are watching streaming video, Conversely, the purpose of buffering actually to provide better movie watching experience. Unbuffered can see incomplete video frame displayed on the screen, and this certainly makes things worse.

actually, each video streaming makes buffering even for smooth video playback in fast network. The problem is that, when the network is not fast enough to provide data compared to the data sample video on your screen. In a simple explanation, the input is less than the output. This is when the movie stops automatically, precharge and data buffering icon appears .

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How to Stop Kodi Buffering

The most common problem when you are watching too slow Kodi buffer network. Slow network itself can be caused by 2 main factors, who have slow internet connection or slow film, sever.

Here I'll give you some tips to solve Kodi buffer

To play video in high definition format you need at least 10 mbps internet connection. You can check your internet speed using

Kodi buffer due to the slowness of the movie server

After checking and no problem with your Internet connection, rest assured that the problem is on the server movie.

You can find various types of film streaming servers Kodi. Each has its own speed, some may have slow network connection. The main problem for most server become slow is too many users accessing the same time.


  1. Change your movie source server. Stop playing the movie and return to the previous page and reselect the server. If required, back again to previous page, select the movie title again. The server will be upgraded to the available, uncrowded and fresher list.

    How To Fix Kodi Movie Buffering a server

    Kodi select the server

  2. If possible, choose reliable server as Gvideo or Openload. Openload server is well known for its fast speed even though you need to do openload partner for your device.

Kodi buffer because of its slow speed internet

Its slow Internet connection could cause excessive buffering video Kodi. Here's what you can do

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  1. Lower Your film quality. Select the server that provides you with no high-definition movie.
  2. Wireless use instead of the mobile network. Unlike the mobile phone network, wi-fi connection is more reliable for many conditions especially raining weather. If you are on the PC, connect the internet via LAN cable is recommended
  3. When using WiFi, locate the device near the router. Also avoid wall thickness, the same for its mobile network
  4. Download the video for offline viewing. Download movies, the first for offline viewing will solve the problem.

Fit to Quit Kodi Buffering

For Kodi for more efficient access to data, needs temporary storage called cache. in order to ensure Kodi has enough storage cache can do little adjusted by removing unnecessary cache.

To do this you can use a function Indigo addon. You can delete cache or even maintaining your Kodi for more powerful performance.

How To Fix Buffering Kodi Indogo Clear cache

Indigo Kodi Clear Cache

making those tips, you can reduce buffering Kodi. You can play the smoothest video and get the full experience of watching movies using Kodi without any lag.

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