How to Install Ultra TT building on Kodi 17 Krypton (Also works with Amazon Fire TV sticks)

This guide shows you, how to install the build “Ultra TT” on Kodi 17 Krypton and assumed, that you already Kodi 17 Krypton installed on your device. If you want, install it on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, but not installed Kodi, But CLICK HERE.


With the final version of Code 17 Krypton recently published, many people questions: “What is the best build for that version?” and we recommend Ultra TT, as is always the latest and greatest addons ready, be used.

addon with this you can watch unlimited FREE; live tv-shows, Movie, Sports and much, much more!

To install the Ultra TT build on Kodi 17 Krypton please do the following:

  • Make sure, that Code 17 Krypton open on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or device (Laptop, Android, desktop etc)
  • Navigate to System
  • Under System choose File Manager
  • scroll up adding source, and select it
  • A popup box appears, move your cursor over, where it says, and then select it
  • A text-entry box appears, Please enter the following:

when you are ready, Please choose Made

  • Where it says, Enter a name for this media source click in the box and enter a name you recognize e.g.. Ultra TT
  • Now click on OK, and press the button back on your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote, until you return to the main – Code screen again.
  • Navigate to System and then select settings
  • Scroll down, where it says, Add-ons, and select it.
  • Now scroll down, one Install from zip file and select it, Now you can see a list of locations, You can find the name of the source, we just Added, and select it.
  • You will see, a zip file containing the names from repository aus.echo, Simply click this.
  • You receive a notification in the bottom left saying, that has been ECHO-repository installed.
  • Now press Install from repository, die ECHO-repository, then press.
  • Scroll down and select Course add-ons
  • Now scroll down, one ECHO Assistant and select it and press the To install.
  • You will receive a notification, that the ECHO Wizard was installed.
  • Choose ECHO Assistant again, and this time click Open.
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You are now just a few minutes from the completion of the setup

  • Within the ECHO Assistant, you just open, scroll down, one Community-Builds, and select it.
  • Search Top Tutorials – option in the list and select it.
  • You will see, a communication on the use of community-builds, simply press the button back on your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote, to get rid, These news.
  • Now you just go down the list and select “Ultra TT”, and then select Download This build Now and will follow the steps shown on the screen.
  • build Ultra TT, will be automatically downloaded and installed, once it is finished installing, you give it a minute, all to end add-ons, update and then the finished!


After all these steps, You should now see something similar to this:

We feel, that this is the best Code 17 Krypton build now because of the speed and functionality.