Install 321Movies Kodi add-on: Movie & TV

The 321Movies Kodi add-on is a new version Kodi, that brings movies & TV on your Kodi-setup. click here, to learn more about the 321Movies Kodi add-on!


3. March: 321Movies was updated, one v1.0.4. Check out the change log below and check the add-on, if you are not familiar!

321Movies Kodi v1.0.4 Change Log

  • Tote links, fest
  • clean code
  • repocheck Added - Checks, ob die Installation des Mister-X-repo
  • Added the next page Recently Added Episodes


Not to be confused with the popular add-on pay with reverse, the 321Movies Kodi add-on is TheMister repository. The 321Movies Kodi has both movies and TV-show-sections as well as a search for the entire add-on.

One of the nice things, we like was 321Movies, that each film has a link, around the trailer, this is a nice feature, that not all add-ons.

We noticed, that the add-on Kodi incorrectly marked some movies than HD, If you do not, so be aware, See the actual release-quality before. You can visit and it will tell you, currently the best version quality for each movie, so you do not have, guessable, in Kodi.

Interested in mind is to install the add-on Kodi 321Movies? Check out our installation manual under:

321Movies Kodi Add-on Installation Guide

  1. Open Kodi and navigate to ” SYSTEM – > File Manager – > Add Source > No
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Made
  3. Check the box below, and enter a name for this media source such as “Fusion“. and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen, and then click SYSTEM – > Add-Ons > Install Zip file – > “Fusion”
  5. Choose xbmc-repos > English – > and wait, to the add-on enabled notification
  6. Choose Get add-ons install, or from the repository (Isengard to or higher) > TheMister repository – > Video-Add-ons > 321Movies > To install
  7. Waiting Add-on enables notification
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  1. I have done all the steps above but when I navigate through the repos, I don’t see I am using Krypton 17.2.

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