Installing Kodi on the iPhone without jailbreak in 30 seconds

emerged a new way to install Kodi on the iPhone without jailbreak in just a few clicks. This trick should get Kodi work on iOS easily and without much effort.

thanks @ DinoD7 for the tip, It is a strange language called website “chiaseacc”, the instructions for installing Kodi on the iPhone without jailbreak or special computer skills. Do not worry, if you can not understand, any of the words on the official site, you do not need, one. Follow the instructions and install the bottom of Kodi on the iPhone today.

The website contains download-left for Kodi 16.1, 17, or 18, this means, You can see each of the final versions of Kodi.

NOTE: I have tried, this on both iOS 9 and iOS 10 and it only works on iOS 10, so keep that in mind, before trying. The latest version is iOS 10.2.1 the work so, if you are currently, you should be fine.

Please let us know, if not work on certain models or iOS versions, so we update our contribution and help all of.

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Of the, we can say, this website is to be distributed with your company Apple account valid token for the app. Remember, like a business, to develop an app and issuing tokens, to those, Help beta-test.

Installing Kodi on iPhone Without Jailbreak.

DISCLAIMER: We fully believe, that is safe and reliable, but we are not responsible for the, what you do, on your iPhone and are not liable, if something goes wrong.

  • Visit, the website.
  • Scroll down, until you download the three options for Kodi as in the figure below.

install from kodi on the iphone without jailbreak

  • Click download to the version, you want.
  • Click on the button “start page” return to your home screen. You should see, install a new app icon.
  • When it is finished, It is a symbol of Kodi. If you click on it, You may receive the message "not Trusted Enterprise Developer - iPhone sales: CVT MEDIA COMPANY LIMITED, not trustworthy on this iPhone. up to this developer trustworthy, Your enterprise apps are not available.”
  • On your iPhone, navigate to ” settings > general – > Device-Management – > CVT MEDIA COMPANY LIMITED > trust “CVT-MEDIA-COMPANY LIMITED” > trust

That's it! Now you can start and use Kodi on the iPhone without jailbreak or any special tricks.

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