Code 17.3 Download, Change Log and Information

Get the Kodi 17.3 invite you today to solve a very serious evil bug found in the Kodi-subtitle service! Stay up to date with Kodi information, news and tips below.

Download KODI latest version 17.3


Code 17.3 has just been released at any app store and on the official website Kodi-.

Code 17.3 fixes a bug in Kodi 17.2, where some services such as PVR, Visualization and inputStream (crucial for Kodi, live-streams) were not packaged with the download. Besides some nice bug fixes, Code 17.2 fixes a malicious Security error, where you can take a potential hacker system using the closed caption service! Update today and keep yourself safe, this is highly recommended!

Check out the change log below and if you want, download and try Kodi 17.3, click here or use the Google Play Store on your Android-box.

  • Update Select by channel group change of PVR guide window
  • Fix handling of gaps, caused eradic behavior in the EPG grid
  • secure full-screen images of mapping-long press guesture
  • is not called quick-fix for wake-up command, in PVR-power-management
  • Use an alternative method, to check, whether the platform-updates have been installed on Windows
  • Set the minimum version in code, currently OSX 10.8
  • Correct any weakness could be abused .zip files, trying, go through it, to a parent directory
  • Use the correct ttc Font from the video file for the subtitles on Windows
  • Detect and delete, zero-byte database files, crashes

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A complete list of changes can be found here. Overall, this is new, updated Kodi does improve a good job some of the bugs, which in Kodi 17.1 and should help, so that every user experience cheaper.

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