Code 17 Working with add-ons / builds List

Code 17 is officially released and we need your help! We want to build, a live Kodi 17 work with add-ons list, so you know, which add-ons are supported by the latest version of Kodi. continue reading!

We need your help! Code 17 was released, and it is a big change for the Kodi-software. All firmware -, Driver and back-end functions were rebuilt. because this, it is expected, that not everything directly from the start, we will build a Kodi 17 work with add-ons list.


NOTE: Code 17 is only on supported Android, you have the version 5.0 or higher. If you Android 4.4, Please DO NOT install Kodi 17. If you look, to update, look at our Kodi 17 approved Kodi Kodi boxes of Box deals

If you upgrade to Kodi 17, we want, that you say, use the add-ons work with the latest version. This includes the installation, the tests and the add-on with the, to ensure, it is functional. If you would like to contribute, to the list, Please get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment below, and we will update the list, come as reviews.

Code 17 Working with add-ons / Build-List

  1. Exodus
  2. DVB-T
  3. iStream
  4. Phoenix
  5. watching
  6. SportsDevil
  7. speed
  8. Youtube

NOTE: The following list is, based on user feedback. It does not mean, Your favorite add-on works or does not work with Kodi 17 and we encourage, test yourself.

Thank you for your contribution to our Kodi 17 Listing.

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