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The Kodi Velocity add-on repo from the Blaze Tamer has been released and brings a whole new multi-source movie and TV-show-add-on for users Kodi! click here, to figure out, what features it has and how to install, Kodi Velocity-add-on heute!

February 3. Update: Blaze Tamer pushed has to make v1.0.8 update for speed, the add-on compatible with Kodi 17 Krypton. Those of you, can check the latest version of Kodi out speed and let us know, on Twitter or Facebook, if we can help you!


After a few weeks of speculation, Teasers and hints on Twitter, the Blaze Tamer repo released a brand new add-on for Kodi called speed. Velocity is an add-on, Movies and TV card data from various sources grabs around the internet.

The Kodi Velocity add-on uses tract as a backend database, So even without an account, get a ton of major film and TV links, if you use the add-on.

With a tract Account, the Kodi Velocity add-on opens a whole new set of functions, including:

  • Add displays on the watch list, where you stay, until you see the show.
  • Add shows to your collection, which works similarly to the Kodi library integration without skimping on Kodi ‘ s backend.
  • If you add, TV-shows, to your collection, You can filter out, by episodes, you have not seen and still see the next episode.
  • It is an area with recommendations, something to see, based on your history.

To install or learn more about tract, click here!

In addition, Scrapers can be enabled and disabled within the add-on settings.

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Make sure, that the installation of Kodi Velocity album on the official Blaze Tamer repo (Instructions below), as required, to receive auto-updates in the future, um add-ons, and the sources used in the add-on.

Note: If you find, that movies do not work in the app, You can live in the UK, where Prime Wire and 2Movies sources are geo-blocked. To watch movies, You need a VPN, change the location, They appear from. You can get 25{7af9a2f412882c316262c4c21bc55e92df7a55c817e7b391256f68f63fddd3fc} Off IPVanish VPN now with promo code “Koditips”, If you want, try it out and see, that it works! Click here and sign in IPVanish.

Note to real-user Debrid: , as long as you have real-Debrid setup in the URLResolver according to our guide, all left in speed, that the use of real-Debrid hosts will work for you in the faster premium-rate.

Kodi Velocity-Add-on Install Guide (BlazeTamer Repo)

  • From the main menu Kodi, navigate to SYSTEM – > File Manager – > adding source
  • Choose No and enter the following: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag and select Made
  • Select the check box below Enter a name for this media Source & Type fusion
  • Choose OK and go back to your start page
  • install the Vinman java files: Choose SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from zip file – > fusion > xbmc-repos > English – > repository.blazerepo-x.x.x.zip
  • Waiting Add-on enabled Notification, and then select Install from repository
  • Blazetamer repo > Video-Add-Ons > Velocity > To install
  • Waiting Add-on enabled notification
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Kodi Velocity-Trakt Setup Guide

  • First, make sure, that a tract account-setup of Trakt.tv
  • In your web browser, go to http://trakt.tv/pin/7558. Login to your account.
  • Tract questions, if you want, to authorize, Your account with the Velocity add-on. Click on the green button AUTHORIZE.
  • write down the PIN, Tract offers.
  • Start the Kodi-Velocity-add-on, you installed Blaze Tamer repo, go to Tract settings , then Click here, To Authorize, Trakt and enter the PIN, you get up and click Command.
  • That's it! You can check, that your account synchronized tract, when you mouse over a movie or TV show, Click on menu, and click on Add to collection, the show to your collection.
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