[Solved] Fix Openload Stream Authorization Kodi

You must have noticed recently , when current movies with Kodi online at open load server, you get a pop – up – Message asking for power approval. The news says “To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: https://olpair.com then click Pair”

openload pair link
Openload – Olpair.com pairing link Authorization

The reality is, Kodi popular file hosts never long long because of the high number of users, who use the service and do not generate advertising revenue. File host Web sites rely to pay in this advertising revenue for server costs, to host your content. The Kodi Openload Pair Process means only, that open load can continue to reliably offer streams for all.

An alternative is, to view real-Debrid. Debrid services do not need advertising revenue, because the fee, you pay, in order to use the service, going to run these servers.

Kodi Openload (Olpair) pairing process

Note: This also applies to the links links. There is a pair Kodi thevideo method identical to the one pair Kodi openload.

1. use your browser, go to https://olpair.com

Olpair.Com Pair Fix


2. Activate / check the Captcha Challenge

3. Then key “PAIR” click below

4. Finally, back to your Kodi and select Use open load server back to power, the message is no longer displayed

Openload (olpair.com) authorization Succeed


Now KODI your ready, to stream all the movies from the OPEN LOAD Server. Let us enjoy the new movie 2017: D


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