PureVPN is the gift of free FIFA 2018 Match tickets for football fans!

Football fever is at all-time high when the world is eagerly anticipated Fifa World Cup 2018, kick-start on June 14th in Russia. Such a big sporting event like this case, calls for the best deals from over the planet and the way to the VPN domain, is PureVPN offers some great prizes and give-aways to match the football enthusiasm, the embraced the world.

PureVPN free tickets for the World Cup

This time, Fifa's World Cup will take place in Russia and flow through the fans by the thousands to see, like your favorite teams and players live in action, so PureVPN gives you a chance to this football mavericks in the stands, by establishing a price of 4 Free tickets for the games in Russia from anywhere in the world along with other exciting daily and weekly raffles.

Now, get your hands on these cards, is all you need to do, is show your love for the game and share with as many people as possible on the planet. The process goes as follows:

Make a video of yourself does your love for the game! It can range from any topic. You can show your skills with the ball Cool, chants, or simply ask, for voting! The videos must be no longer than 30 seconds.

4 tickets for the World Cup in Russia

mail ask the video on social media and the people, for him to vote. Share the link for this video with PureVPN together with a valid e-mail address, to sign up for the contest.

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Get a link, for permission in your email and then press your video on social media and win as many as possible upvotes! The person with the highest tally at the end of the competition wins!

The winners will be announced on June 15, 20, 25 and finally announced, on the 27th of the same month.

But even if you do not, the tickets, that you can get your hands on other goodies, because PureVPN has much more to offer for its most loyal customers. You can also win official match balls every day from 21. June 2018. And it is exactly the same campaign for T-shirts and similar match-balls, can you win, this every day, how well!

PureVPN world cup matchball away

It does not get better than this, so you need, grab your camera quickly and the video, that shows your love for the game, around the world, a chance to have, put your hands on valuable match-tickets and more!

give PureVPN world cup T-shirt

However, the give-aways are just an Offer, PureVPN offers to allow some great World Cup streaming packages, to watch them, all games from the event by easy unlock all geo-restricted sites around the world! In addition to this, the speed is optimized, to ensure, there is no buffer in the video for the games! You can also avail the amazing orbit and gravity features to protect your connection through public Wi-Fi hotspots!

no penalties

Also, what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity, part of PureVPN World Cup fever and make this event memorable as any other!

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