How do I install solar Movie addon for Kodi

Solar Movie is one of the largest streaming websites of its kind. It has thousands of movies and TV shows, and you can use all of them for free stream without an account. With the solar Movie addon you can access Kodi on the solar Movie site.

The add-in solar Movie is very easy, but it does a pretty good job, to enable them to access the content of solar Movie about Kodi. It also gives you some options, that are not available on the website. After we had solar Movie tested for Kodi, we found, that it was not quite as good as our favorite movie and TV show addon Exodus.

Similar to Exodus contains solar Movie for Kodi genre categories and IMDb Integration. However, solar Movie does not have as many options as Exodus. Moreover, it does not have as many content sources.

Want to learn more about the solar Movie Addon learn? If so, Keep reading for a brief overview and installation information.

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The solar Movie site

A screenshot of the solar Movie site.

A screenshot of the solar Movie site.

The website of solar Movie is under currently . Before installing the addon, you should try the link, to see, if you can open the site. If you do not get to the site, You can probably just use the addon, if you have a VPN service.

Note: If you live in the UK, You definitely need some kind of VPN, If you wish to travel to the solar Movie site. According to The Guardian, the British court has ordered the major UK ISPs, Solar Movie 2016 to block.

Use the solar Movie site, a streaming play

As mentioned above, You do not need an account, to a stream on the solar Movie site play. Simply click on one of the films listed on the website, to start playing.

The subtitle switches

As you can see, the solar Movie streams have enabled by default subtitles. If you click on the CC field bottom right of the screen, You can turn off the subtitles, If you want.

What to do, if you encounter a Geo Block?

If you can play a stream on the solar side successfully Movie, you should have no problem with the solar Movie Addon. But if you are met with a Geo Block, You need a VPN service, to access the contents of solar Movie.

Here are some items, can help you, to install a VPN on different Kodi-compatible devices:

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  • To install a VPN for Windows Kodi
  • To set up a VPN on Android TV boxes
  • How to set up a VPN on Roku
  • How to set up a VPN on Nvidia Shield
  • To set up a VPN on Apple TV
  • To install a VPN in Google Chromecast

Installing the solar Movie Kodi Addons

To get the solar Movie Addon, You must first download the Dandy Media repository and install. You need the file , you at http://For After you install the repo, You can install solar Movie of his video addons section.

Here is a step-by-step instructions, how to install the solar Movie addon in Kodi Krypton:

The box icon is this icon at links. Visit and upload down .

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  • Open Kodi and click Addons . then click the Feldsymbol .
  • Choose Install the zip file .
  • Choose .
  • Are you waiting, until the installation is completed. Then go back to Kodi main menu again and select Addons .
  • Click again on the field symbol, but this time select the Option from the repository Install .
  • Choose dandymedia Repository , then Video Addons, then Solar Movie .

With the solar Movie addon you can play streams

Once you have installed solar Movie, just click on the film, you want to watch, and then select a source from, a streaming play.

In some sources you can play the streaming media. However, in other you need to visit a website and enter a code.

Which does ______________ mean “authorization required”?

Although you should always make sure, on what you click, if you are on the Internet, Most authorization links are safe. Webmaster implement an authorization, to prevent, that allows hackers to server Denial of Service (DoS) -overload attacks.

final thoughts

The solar Movie website is a great place, if you want to quickly find popular movie streaming online. In addition, the built-in subtitle function is very convenient.

The solar Movie Kodi addon is also pretty easy to use. A handful of clicks sufficient, to install it, and the interface is very easy.

On the other hand, the fact, that solar Movie is so popular, also be a disadvantage. If you live in the UK, you can not easily use VPN the site or AddOn of solar Movie.

An easy-to-use, but extremely simple addon

Before you download Solar Movie, you should remember, that the setting menu is completely empty.
A screenshot of the nonexistent setting menu of the solar Movie Addons


  • several sources . Unlike the solar Movie site you can select with the solar Movie addon from a list of sources, before you load your movie.
  • search function . If you would rather not scroll, Instead, you can search for a movie.
  • easy interface . The graphics of the solar Movie Addons menu will not cut down, but you will at least not be lost.


  • May not be as stable as other film / TV-Addons . If the site of solar Movie changing its website URL again, it is possible, that the addon no longer works.
  • limited sources . Andere Film / TV-ons have a much more extensive list of sources compared to solar Movie.
  • Blank Einstellungsseite . If you want to customize your language settings or filter certain sources, Use better Exodus.
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