Youtube does not work?, youtube problems Kodi, The update for kodi here!

As some of you may know, youtube is not working with Kodi and many addons, the use of Kodi not work.


This is a fix / workaround to work on youtube kodi again. This is help for those, which does not work with youtube problems and youtube in kodi.

UPDATE: Youtube addon now install a REPO make the repo, you future updates.

Repo is here:

download to your device and install zip from Kodi!

UPDATE: 03/03/2014: Try the latest version of youtube-plugin, this in

Credit: caifanes

UPDATE: 23/02/2014: If that does not work for you down, then try this link

credits RaspberryRabbit!

Uninstall youtube addon for a fresh install

Then install the version: HERE

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once installed, run youtube addon and try, sign up(You must do this, twice)

See this message:

Click OK and you will see:


How do you say it and go to

Enter your code and click Continue to:<

Now click ALLOW

Now you see:

Try entering again now, the youtube app (You must repeat the steps, Enable basically twice - again)

After 2. Activation You now have access to youtube again in Kodi. Also Read: Pair


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