Powerfire stick via the USB port With Fire Cable (Without AC cable)

Amazon Fire Stick users: Makes your fire stick via USB to the Fire Cable, eliminating the need for an AC power today and save yourself time and space.

Remove the need to use, Wall makes your Amazon Fire Stick. Instead, you get the Fire Cable and makes your fire stick via USB to the side of your TV!

If we test our fire stick, the power supply, it was an inconvenience. If your TV is mounted on the wall, You can not close to AC power. The fire-stick power cable is too short and the cable sticking out the messy appearance. With the Fire Cable, You can make your fire stick via USB, the many new TVs have connections for on the side of you.

Fire stick via USB Cable With Fire

  • Makes your Firestick directly from your flat-screen TV USB port
  • Immediately eliminates the need for an electrical outlet
  • Compatible with all fire-stick models, including All new fire stick Alexa.
  • get rid of, hanging cable TV
  • Takes only seconds to install

When the Fire Cable is something, that will make your life easier, check it out on Amazon today. Makes your fire stick via USB for just $ 15.

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