TVAddons Down, Not work - Latest News

The TVAddons website and forums are currently offline and do not work. Check out the latest news and information on TVAddons below.

UPDATE: The merger central repository link below is currently offline. The former page was redirect to a standard Chancellor page, further confirmation of our claims under, the sky is not falling, TVA is back online.

The idea for this post is, the record straight on reports from TorrentFreak and Cordcutters News, who claimed, that the TVAddons website offline in connection with legal action. Current, You see TVAddons down, when you try, Access to your website. Some websites have claimed, that your domain can be seized, or offline, because of legal difficulties, But that is not true. When you access to your repository-source, You will see, that there are still online and available. This proves, that the entire domain was not seized.

the information on your forums, before it went down, TVAddons is in the process of refreshing your repository-addon-selection, security -, and server. Part of this may be due to the legal news involving the Dish Network from the last week, However TVAddons planning for better efficiency and safety for a long time has now, and this was the perfect opportunity for you.

Also, when you visit You will notice, posted a message yesterday morning "Great updates say in the next few days. Stay tuned for the best.”

is worth mentioning, the TVA Facebook group is now offline. pure speculation, but we know, that TVAddons is a private company, the safety value is high. You may have decided, not fit that Facebook, Their needs and visions ahead.

Also, do not think, that TVAddons below is the result of nothing harmful at this point. Hopefully we will know, more information in the coming days on the Kodi landscape continues to evolve and change.

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