[Fix] Kodi Error LOG: Check the log for more information

Are you tired , get the kodi Fehler ” Check the log for more information “ ? I know , someone can drive you crazy.

KODI error log - Fix Kodi Error Log

Here are the options, To fix this.

[solution] Log Kodi Fehler: Clear Cache and Purge – packages

You will need the add-on called ” Maintenance Tool ”. If you really do not have under your Programs tab already, You can add up over it “Add-on – set Installer ". Nice, if you do not really have “Add-on – Installer "you should actually install it , as it is very easy to make your life , tends to , if you want to install an include-on.

Correct, I am now, that you are currently the Maintenance Tool installed add-on.

  1. Now open the Maintenance Tool addon and select General Maintenance
  2. Pick – Clear Cache
  3. Pick – Purge Packages
  4. Press the ” YES , when prompted , to delete files
  5. Now go back to the standby mode and Exit from Kodi im Power – Icon in the lower left corner of the screen is

Open Kodi again and test, if they carry the message on to demonstrate above. If you, to get that irritating error message, carry on, the following by KODI on down error log solution.

solution 2: You need a VPN

If you tried Cache and Purge – To delete packages and you still get the error, that meant , that you are trying accessibility geo-blocked material or ISP (Internet service provider) blocked , that the sources due to the fact of copyright designs .

A VPN is the best solution : A VPN is a Law Software , can make you , anonymous , although with the network . This is a great safety device to have in your laptop , because viruses- Spyware and needs your IP infect you and the VPN hides your IP and masks to a completely different IP handle. You can also privately, search there are no minutes of exercise .

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Why is it legal? Very easily , because you have the right privacy.

How does this resolve the Kodi Fehler?

Nice, if you VPN the – Software on the device (supports laptops, Android – TV – boxing, Smartphones, etc.) have installed , You can quickly choose the nation , to exactly , where you want , that disguise your IP. Also , if you observe US EU and want content material, simply choose to hide your IP USA – very easily.

But is often to know not only about the distance, sometimes your ISP (Internet – service provider) blocked agree Content – Material simply because of copyright. Also , if you are using the VPN – connection, in each country (you can even connect to your nation), They are anonymous, so Your ISP will not be able , to pursue , you access the, so that the material will no longer be blocked. complete freedom!