What's SPMC for Android? SPMC vs. Kodi

What's SPMC, the Android-optimized Kodi Gabel and how does SPMC vs. Kodi compare? Check out our guide to understanding the SPMC and download it today.


What's SPMC?

SPMC is an Android-fork of Kodi, is developed and maintained by koying, the former Android programmers for Kodi Foundation. It is the same backbone as Kodi, but has been optimized for the Android operating system. In particular koying has its tests on the Nvidia Shield, So the primary use is in there, but mostly as use the transmission via Amlogic and Amazon CPUs also.

SPMC vs. Kodi

How does SPMC compare to Code? Gut, most users do not notice a difference between the two pieces of software. Behind the scenes, where SPMC does a great job, fixing some bugs fixed Android, which some users may have noticed, before You:

  • ADD: cover milling HQ (sign only, afaik)
  • ADD: GUI selection of the H / W decoder
  • UPDATE: skin Save settings immediately
  • UPDATE: UTF8 formatted labels
  • Add speech recognition on the soft keyboard (cf. faq )
  • (re-)add, reboot & Shutdown on rooted devices
  • Expand the recommendations and voice search, tv shows and music albums
  • Fix voice search (+ Activate the Web server by default)
  • Update low sample-rate-audio
  • Update on DTS output
  • HD-Audio-passthrough (sign + some aml, Minix U1 & Wetek core least)

the Most changes are made for Android 5.1, so that users of the old boxes is recommended to upgrade to something newer, if you have any problems. One nice feature of SPMC, that it supports support Android voice commands.

Dual running Kodi and SPMC

SPMC has its own app ID of Kodi, so it can be installed side-by-side on your Android device, and you can both parts of the software at the same time!

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Download SPMC

Download SPMC Android from the Google Play store, by clicking here (or search on your Android-box app store.)

click here, website to the official SPMC.

What's SPMC? Hopefully we have helped you, find out. do not think, that the SPMC vs. Kodi, but SPMC as a compliment for your Android box.

What's SPMC for Android? SPMC vs. Kodi last

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