Code 18 “read” Announced

In accordance with its letters of the alphabet theme Kodi the team is named Kodi 18 announced. Code 17 has not yet been officially released, but it is planned to release candidate stage with no new features, to be added, so that new features are under the Code 18 name worked.


As a tribute to Carrie Fisher and the 40th anniversary of Star Wars to celebrate: A new hope, the team Kodi 18 a code name of “KODI READ” given.

When deciding on a codename for the release of Kodi 18, we decided, to do things just a little different, this time around. Usually, if we choose a new codename, we go through the proposal threads, Collect the top 5 or Top 10 Suggestions and vote on it. We have done something similar this year, a huge list of names compiled, including very many good … and then came 2016.

We have lost many important people this year, but maybe not so near and dear to the hearts of our team as the woman, a princess from Alderaan, a member of the Senate Kaisersen, a general and a traitor, portrayed. Leia was not a top choice in the User Suggestions threads. She was not even a top ten choice. But in the week it came time to vote, we learned of the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher and thought, that there could be no fitting tribute, to be mentioned as a version of Kodi after the most impact Princesses in film history .

When we dug deeper into this option, we have the history of this galaxy far away and recognized, that 2017 should be a special year in the Star Wars universe. Of the 25. May marks the 40. Anniversary of Star Wars: A new hope, a film, who came to the theater and the world changed. Kodi has a history of naming its shares after characters and places of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and Star Wars is an important … gut, perhaps the main reason why. For us Star Wars is not just a sci-fi movie. It is one of those iconic events, where everyone in the team, where they were, when it came out for the first time or could not remember the time, without the adventures of Luke, read, They have, Chewie and a couple of ridiculous droid.

It hurts us, that our hearts have lost a great woman and an actress and her character, she has portrayed, the princess, with which we have grown up. It feels fit, to announce, that Kodi 18 “read” is named in honor of the late Carrie Fisher, as a tribute to one of the characters, have defined an industry, and as a celebration of the entire Star Wars universe.

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May the force be with you, always.

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