News: lambda retires; Exodus to life; full summary & details here

big news in Kodi Welt, caused as a series of events, the lambda to retire. Click here for a complete overview, how things went.

Some pretty big news: Lambda has now noticed by a fellow developer, some malicious code in the exodus add-on called lambda. We will try, summarize the, all of which happened in the most impartial manner, for those, are curious. If anyone has any details, you want, to clarify, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Lambda separates exodus-to-life

It all started, as cleavage, Developers of Zen add-on (which is a fork of Exodus and uses a lot of code), noticed and called lambda for a bit of code in Exodus, displayed, several inquiries submit to StreamHub Server (StreamHub is another fork of codes, which uses most of its code). Lambda was automatically charge with Exodus users, StreamHub is github and server each time, when you used to look Exodus and do not let you know. (Those)

People with Exodus code as a basis for your add-ons is nothing new, but it turned out, that the lambda is fed-up with users, which change little or no code, call the add-on something new, and leave it with a new name.

On the Twaddons Forums, lambda defended his actions with a series of messages:

I'm in the bridge, the retire or to do so.

Like I said, they are trying, to my identity and find me legal trouble.

I have no choice, to protect me.

If that does not help me, to defend myself, I will go into retirement this and concentrate on my legal add-ons.

I do not claim, that it is a good thing, lol, but you would not less worse prime wire lol

the, What we miss, is as addon developers, that we in reality ddos ​​attack on the websites, we scratch, it depends on the number of users, The addon is an addon with many users is in reality, to do that.

And I would not, if you do not try, my true identity and give me legal trouble.

The reason for this is not to add to the changelog, this would give you what you want, attention.

I am for the development of addons für.7 years, I have a very good reason, to do that, which have to do with MY REAL LIFE SAFETY.

And I'm glad, that this happens, I can see clearly, who is a friend or an enemy for me in this scene ?

I'm developing this addon for many years, it is the continuation of Genesis.
All these years this community was a nice place, be a part.

I did not wake up one day, after all these years and said to me, let's try, add some calls to a specific place.
It was a bad desicion I made after all this time and I had stessful months, and I'm sorry about that.
, as long as you I've never had a problem follow the GPL license and you do not remove Exodus credits from him.

Unfortunately, all these months, I've seen add-ons, where my code and remove the credits from, as your playground. I understand, that we are talking about the addons, help, on copyright infringement, but this is something I could not tolerate, no more.
Also, lately I've seen, some strange private messages from specific people threating me presonal level.
most people you are talking on social media about it now, how evil I am.

I could not simply bypass stress with all these no longer, I decide bad, I do not accept, and I'm sorry about that.
I think, this is to allow the time for me, the whole thing changed me as a person is, it is to take care of me at the time to myself and let this scene once and for all.

I want to thank all, the booth with me all these years.
It's time for me, move on and I hope, to take over the team, addon my lover.

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But, twitter-account posted shortly after TVADDONS:

As a result of recent events with a violent box retailers, lambda is retiring. His latest version of Exodus is checked, to be clean.

The development of the Exodus and Phoenix continue at the head of other members of the TV ADDONS team. It will grow and improve!

reach many developers, to show your support for lambda for his work, give up your feelings toward him, so easy, and everything in between.

What does this mean for the Exodus? Well, Exodus, built on a solid base of code, uses to draw URLResolver, streaming-links. This base was the reason, why other developers have tried, to take fame removed by “forking”, The add-on will change very little. Exodus does not need to be updated much, to function, as URLResolver is the real backbone of the add-on and is maintained, by several developers in the Community.

What do you think, was the lambda right to use the Exodus Community intervention developer, the Fork Exodus and he claims was, attack him personally?

If we have more information, we will pass it on.